Viledon CP/DP Air Filter

Gas Phase Carbon Filter
  • Viledon Air CarboPleat (CP filter) and DuoPleat (DP filter) are used in intake, exhaust, and recirculated air filtration involving special requirements for clean air quality.
  • The activated-carbon media used in both types of filters is secured in an open structure by a newly developed bonding system.
  • The DuoPleat DP air filter is made from a unique combination of activated carbon media and a triple-layered high performance non-woven.
  • The pleated filter media packs of a Viledon air filter is mounted into plastic V shape panels and sealed, resulting in high media content, extended overall lifetimes and very low pressure drop.
  • Viledon's CarboPleat (CP filter) and DuoPleat (DP filter) extended surface filters protect systems from damaging pollutants.
  • Thermal stability: 160 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • CarboPleat (DP filter) removes pollutant gases and unwanted odors. DuoPleat (DP filter) combines high efficiency particulate filtration with removal of pollutant gases and odors.
  • The development team at Viledon air filter is continually creating new products to serve emerging markets and meet changing specifications.