Purolator Serva-Pack Bag Filter

Purolator Bag Filter

Purolator’s SERVA-PAK is an extended surface high capacity air filter composed of individual dust holding pockets assembled in a metal support frame. A special multi-row stitching process performed on layers of ultra-fine glass bonded to a non-woven backing produces uniform spacing between each pocket, and provides optimum media performance while extending filter life.

Each pocket is bonded and sealed to its own J-channel support frame, which is mechanically fastened to a heavy duty, corrosion resistant, galvanized enclosure frame. This design creates a rigid, air tight construction with a minimum of 85% open face area.

The SERVA-PAK is available in a variety of filter efficiencies, face sizes, depth and capacity combinations to accommodate most system requirements: limited fan static, high concentration of contaminants, limited filter bank face area, etc. Appropriate product selection will maximize performance.