EFS Soft Pocket Bag Filters

Soft Pocket Bag Filters
  • EFS Soft Pocket Bag Filters have a uniquely designed extruded aluminum frame for increased stability, reduced corrosion and greater filter life.
  • Pocket seams are ultrasonically sealed to prevent leakage and reduce the possibility of tearing.
  • Internal pocket spacers channel the air entering the pocket resulting in lower pressure drop and reduced energy costs.
  • 100% synthetic media resists bacterial growth.
  • EFS Soft Pocket Bag Filters provide excellent value, performance and durability for applications that require medium to high efficiencies.
  • Extruded aluminum pocket separators support pockets and enable effective airflow.
  • Available in 85% (MERV 11) and 95% (MERV 14) efficiencies. Rugged construction of extruded aluminum frame and pocket supports eliminates bending or collapsing even in turbulent operating environments, which promotes even loading.
  • Non-shedding fibers are specially designed to resist moisture and chemicals.