EFS Carbon V4-Bank Filter

Industrial Carbon Filter
  • The EFS Carbon V-Bank (GPC.V) Filter is designed to efficiently remove particulates that contaminate the indoor air as well as a wide range of odors at high air flows.
  • The EFS GPC.V Filter features an ABS plastic filter frame. The filter element is free of metal parts, eliminating the risk of corrosion and punctures. The rugged frame construction prevents damage to the media.
  • The filter media is carbon-loaded, non-woven and synthetic with a unique blend of activated carbon for the ultimate in gas phase filtration and odor control.
  • Pleated, non-woven synthetic media in a V-bank configuration provides a high media content for ultimate energy efficiency (low pressure drop) and extended filter life.
  • The standard frame dimensions of this filter allow it to be used in existing HVAC systems for new construction, or it can be easily retrofitted. The frame meets the requirements of standard air handling systems.
  • Provides effective odor removal and particulate filtration at minimal pressure drop.
  • Improves indoor air quality through removal of particulates, dust, contaminants, odors, and gases.
  • Removes odors such as diesel fumes, tobacco smoke, cooking odors, auto exhaust, etc.
  • Removes contaminating gases from acetone, paint fumes, gasoline, SOx, NOx, VOCs, and Ozone.
  • EFS Carbon V-Bank Filters are used in commercial and industrial applications when odors and gases must be removed to protect people, equipment, artifacts, products, etc.
  • Excellent for use in state-of-the-art conditioning and indoor climate control systems such as airports, hospitals, museums, laboratories, commercial buildings, etc.
  • Use of the EFS GPC.V activated carbon v-bank filter can help improve poor indoor air quality caused by “sick building syndrome.” In addition, the EFS GPC.V filter helps protect sensitive products, processes and equipment by eliminating pollutant gases and unwanted odors. Excellent for use in state-of-the art conditioning and indoor climate control systems such those in airports, hospitals, museums, laboratories, commercial buildings, etc.