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Advanced Filtration Concepts serves numerous applications such as hospitals and health care facilities, bio-tech and electronics manufacturers, gas turbine power plants, clean room facilities, museums, schools and universities, commercial and government buildings, industrial manufacturers and many others. We are highly experienced industrial air filter suppliers, specialized in high-end applications that require the ultimate in air filtration. We carry high-performance brands such as Viledon, Purolator, Purafil, Glasfloss, Engineered Filtration Systems and others. We offer industrial filters ranging from MERV 6 through MERV 16 as well as HEPA and ULPA grade filters. The industrial filters we offer (Vbank style mini-pleats, pockets, HEPAs, pleats, bags, canisters, etc.) have exceptional operating characteristics based on their truly innovative design features that provide high efficiency filtration at low resistance thus reducing power consumption.

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Medical Hospital Air Filtration Products | HEPA Filters for Hospitals

Medical Air Filters for Hospitals / Medical Facilities

Every medical facility’s highest priority should be maintaining clean and healthy air for its patients and staff. Providing an environment using competent hospital filtration

Data Center Room Air Filtration Products

Data Center Air Filter Products

The most important data center maintenance task is ensuring equipment runs at optimum efficiency with clean air filters. Over the past several years, atmospheric corrosive

Air Filtration Supplies for Schools and Universities

Air Filtration Products for Schools / Universities

In a classroom environment, education should the highest priority, but quality safe environment is also a necessity. Protection against atmospheric particulate matter which

Air Filter Supplies for Libraries and Museums

Air Filtration Products for Libraries / Museums

Museums and libraries have the critical assignment of protecting and exhibiting our history, science, and knowledge from the beginning of time to present day. In order to

Air Filtration Products for Commercial Office Buildings | Air Filter Suppliers

Office Buildings / Commercial Building Air Filtration Products

Indoor air quality for businesses has become a threat to customers, tenants and employees health. Therefore, businesses must adjust and ensure the protection of all people in

Clean Room Air Filters | Industrial Microelectronics Filters | Air Filtration Systems

Industrial Microelectronics Filters / Clean room HEPA Filter Systems

Microelectronics and Cleanrooms have to be very sterile environments and require a high level of air quality. Particulate and molecular contamination control is crucial since

Pharmaceutical Industry Filtration Equipment | Laboratory Air Filtration Systems

Laboratories / Pharmaceutical Air Filter Products

Pharmaceutical manufacturing and Laboratories help researchers develop new leaps in technology and discovery. Maintaining a constant air filtration in pharmaceutical industry

Industrial HEPA Air Filters for Casino and Hotels | Air Purifiers

Hotel / Casino Air Filtration Systems

Most airborne disease and infection in the hospitality industry comes from foot traffic, open and closing doors, visitors carrying particulates from around the globe and the

High Temperature Gas Phase Filters for Airports and Transportation

High Temperature Filter Products for Airports / Transportation

Our transportation is an important part of life and the way we manage it is essential. Public transportation is especially vulnerable for airborne toxins and likely to be

Industrial Manufacturing Air Filtration Systems | HEPA Filters

Industrial Manufacturing Air Filtration Systems

Industrial manufacturing extends across several different trades and many processes rely on industrial HEPA air filtration systems for many particulate generating processes. A

Gas Turbine Air Inlet Filter Suppliers

Gas Turbine Inlet Air Filtration

In response to increasing output requirements and longer service periods, it is required by the operators to effectively optimize their air inlet filter, for both short and

Commercial Air Filter Distribution | Industrial Air Filter Supplies

Industrial Air Filters for Other Markets

The past has shown that no matter what domestic residence or business, commercial air filtration is crucial to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Whether you are on Wall Street

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